Friday, October 1, 2010

Todays Advice To (myself)

Laura, take a mental note and STOP going onto Web MD to get advice about what your Children might have.  My son now suffers from a mix between Canker Sores, Pemphigus, Cozsackie virus infection, Scarlet Fever, and Thrush!!!  and YES I have left a message at the Doctors office as to what it might be.  I'm just waiting for a call back.  The reality is he has a small cold with a snotty nose and the last day or two he says his mouth hurts when he eats.  I FINALLY found a little white sore that looked like a cold sore or blister on the inside of his lip.  The next day he was still fussy and I found 2 more under his tongue...insert Web MD!!  I really think they are little canker sores but I know I will have to take him to the Dr.s to find out for sure!!  As I shake my head....Why can't they just give you something over the phone???  There is nothing I hate more than being told, "no, you really need to bring him in." You get there and, "yes, he has Canker Sores lets do blah blah blah"!  I REALLY wish we could say, "NO SHIT!!  Thats what I SAID!!"  LOL  I will keep you posted.......
Laura  YAYA

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