Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thoughts for today...So Far!!

Hello everyone, just thought I would "blog" about my day and stuff that I got going on.  Yes, because my life IS that interesting! LOL  Just Kidding I'm not that conceded :)  But we got this thing started so I'm gonna use it!  Well yesterday was a good day, despite the fact that my kids are getting sick, so is my Husband and as much as I want to fight it, my throat is a little sore too :(  Did have a once in a life time thing happen....We got stuck by the President of the United States, Mr. Obamas Motorcade!!!  I was probably 20 feet from the man and still, I wasn't impressed.  I made a post similar on FB and boy o boy did I start something.  Almost everyone was me though, so thats good!! LOL  We all have opinions which is what makes this country so great right!!  Well after the traffic jam, we went to dinner at P.F.Changs and all I have to say is Mmmmmm!  I would like to say that P.F.C is another restaurant that I found that let me bring in McDonalds Happy Meals for my kids.  Thats right you read it right, we had their food and my kids had Happy Meals!!  I know that they won't eat anything on the menu, so I don't even fight it!  The staff thought it was a GREAT IDEA in fact, and so did the table next to us.  She said she was going to tell her daughter about our little trick so that way her and her husband could go out to eat more often!  I say who knows your kids better than you, and you do what you gotta do so that you and your husband can still have a GREAT TIME!!!  Which we did :) 
Thats it for now so.........YAYA everyone!!!

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