Friday, September 24, 2010

My First Post!!

Well I'm excited because this is my FIRST POST!!!  Let me start off by introducing myself, I'm Laura, a PROUD member of the YAYA's  for what is goodness, 10+ years!  Man I just made myself seem old! LOL  This is my Family, my Husband Dennis and my kids Hailey and Corbin.  They are 3yr old twins and boy do I stay busy.  I try to keep myself grounded by having what I like to call "Me Time", which includes playing around with Photography, (tying to get a better shot then Ashley) lol and Selling Pampered Chef.  I love the product and what it has been able to do for me AND my family.  I cant wait, because soon I will be posting about how you can win FREE stuff and holding little competitions...Fun Fun :) 
I also want to use this blog to talk about my kids, maybe vent about my husband, and really just have Girl Time with anybody who needs it.  Our 3 families certainly have adventures and I cant wait to tell you all about them.  So until next time........

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