Monday, March 21, 2011

Ups and Downs

Well this week for me has been filled with LOTS of ups and downs.  My cousin lost her Fiance in an unexpected way.  At 29 he had a Heart Attack and passed in his sleep.  There are reasons for everything and God doesn't make mistakes.  Its up to us to be strong, trust in Him and believe that with His love, we can move on and become stronger.  With this passing we had to go up to see my Grandma who has been struggling with back problems.  She said she was feeling better but you just don't know if your loved ones tell you things so you don't worry.  Well after seeing her this week she looks AMAZING!!!  So grateful that she has turned the corner to recovery and is starting to look like herself again!!  And last but not least my son, Corbin, started his first day of School to help him with his speech.  Its the first time that him and his Twin Sister have really done something separate, so I'm very Happy that is was smooth for both of them.  Corbin had a great time in his new class and Hailey and I enjoyed some one on one time.  After this week I'm tired...but remember to tell the ones that are closest to you that you Love them, because life is.....well life.  You never know what the next sunrise will bring.
Love YAYA Laura
Holly, I love you girl!!  xoxo

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