Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting ready for christmas

I have been way busy since Thanksgiving with shopping and card making (which i forgot to take a picture of), but I have gotten some creative time in here recently. First I made these tags for wrapping presents
Then I had to come up with some teachers gifts. My kelly's teacher is real big into Wizard of Oz, but I'm sure she got a ton of stuff so I thought I would make her some cards that she can send out with a touch of Dorothy AND my son has 2 teachers and i had no clue, so I did kinda goodie bag of all "woman touches"

I think it turned out nicely!! Merry Christmas everyone!!


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  1. My best friend is just the most creative talented person ever! I just cant throw any of her cards away. I even keep the wrapping paper its just so pretty!!! YAYA Kim